Young Krasnoyarsk residents will be able to replenish the cosmonaut detachment

The Space Odyssey Project

Unfortunately, over the past 25 years, the prestige of the cosmonaut profession has fallen significantly. To be on board the ISS, it is necessary to pass a very complicated long-term training course. Not the least role here is played by the material factor: the cosmonaut’s salary with all its space “business trips” does not hold up to what top managers of the companies or high-ranking officials get.

The program “Space Odyssey” is designed to return the youth’s interest in outer space. What is particularly interesting, it will be launched in the Krasnoyarsk region, a region which is connected with the cosmos no less than Korolev near Moscow or Kazakhstan’s Baikonur.

The initiators of the project are the regional branch of the All-Russian Union of Machine Builders and Roskosmos. It will be attended by 48 people. These are young engineers of local space industry enterprises and students of the Aerospace University.

“A Space Odyssey” is largely similar to the course of training of astronauts, which includes the theory of flight, the device management and ship , physical, flight training, parachuting, a course of physical fitness and survival in extreme conditions. Six of the best go to Star City, where he can try to force simulator to the “Union” and continue training.

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