The British create a passenger radio-controlled aircraft

BAE Systems Jetstream 31

Perhaps in the near future the passengers of the plane before take-off can hear about such an announcement: “Dear passengers! You are greeted by a control center operator who will monitor your flight throughout its entire length. I wish you a happy journey. ”

This is not fiction. It is about the development of an unmanned passenger aircraft by the leader of the British military-industrial complex by BAE Systems. A series of test flights of the prototype of the future commercial UAV on the basis of a light twin-engine Jetstream 31 aircraft has already passed. The flight was carried out under the control of operators at an altitude of more than 4500 meters.

BAE Systems Jetstream 31

Experts BAE hope that, if successful, the prospect of creating small unmanned commercial aircraft with a capacity of up to 16 passengers. In the pilot cabin instead of the commander and the co-pilot will be a complex infrared camera that performs the function of “electronic eyes”.

With the help of seven chambers located on the chassis, the control system will provide emergency landing if necessary to a suitable place. They will help navigate among the clouds, so as not to fall into the thunderstorm front.

The development team hopes that the 400,000-pound test program will prove the effectiveness of UAVs that can fly as safely as conventional aircraft.

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