The Bloodhound SSC was officially presented to the public

For many years there have been rumors about the Bloodhound SSC, a British attempt to break the speed record for a land vehicle, using a car driven by rocket and jet engines. Now we can finally see the finished version of the “rocket car” with our own eyes, as yesterday they were officially introduced in London. The creators of Bloodhound SSC also confirmed that the first attempt to accelerate to 800 miles per hour (1287 kilometers per hour) and break the world speed record will be held on October 15 this year.

Surprisingly, the appearance of the rocket car is very similar to the original renderers, which appeared a few years ago. The design of the Bloodhound SSC is conditioned by the requirements of aerodynamics, as well as the need to place the Rolls-Royce jet engine, the main driver of the car, and the Nammo rocket engines, which will allow the Bloodhound SSC to accelerate to over 1000 miles per hour (1609 kilometers per hour). In addition, the novelty has a Jaguar V-8 engine, which works as a fuel pump for a rocket engine.

The new model was presented with two different sets of wheels. The first of them – rubber tires, borrowed from the English jet fighter of the Cold War, will be used during the first test run; The hard alloy wheels will be used in South Africa during attempts to break the record speed. If the rocket car manages to overcome the target of 1000 miles per hour, its wheels will rotate at a speed of more than 10,200 rpm.


The Bloodhound SSC was put on display without a part of the external body kit, which allowed us to look inside. In the cockpit of the rocket car there are three screens, which will display all the information necessary for the pilot – the officer of the Royal Air Force and the candidate for the title of the bravest man in the world, Andy Green.

Bloodhound will hold in the London exhibition center four more days, during which time more than 8000 people will be able to see him. And very soon we will all be able to look at this beast in action.

Based on the materials of Popular Mechanics

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