Mitsubishi introduced its newest concept car

When Mitsubishi first showed the concept of an electric car in the style of the “Tron” four years ago, no one believed that it has a future. Nevertheless, the Japanese company continued work on Emirai – that’s what the electric car is called – and presented its third version the other day.


The electric car, created in the form factor of the roadster, looks as if it came to us straight from the future. The driver’s seat is framed by two huge LCD-panels with the possibility of flexible adjustment. The computer determines the movements of the hands, allowing you to control the infotainment system and other vehicle control systems without taking your eyes off the road.


Emirai 3 xDAS has a combined 3D display that projects navigation and other information to a simulated distance of 10 meters in front of the driver’s face, which makes driving easier.


In addition, the car has a built-in camera and contactless cardiograph that allows you to feel the driver’s condition and carry out “predictive help based on his behavior.” Emirai can even analyze your physical condition and find a parking spot if you feel that you are too tired.


As for the car’s engine and other technical details, Mitsubishi is going to publicize this information on October 29th at the Tokyo Motor Show.


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