From Baikonur launched “Proton-M” with a satellite communication

Yesterday the Baikonur cosmodrome successfully launched the Proton-M rocket with the Russian Express-AM8 communication satellite on board. This launch was the second successful after the accident in May, which resulted in the loss of MexSat-1 Mexican satellite.

September 15 at 4:37 Moscow time the Express-AM8 satellite successfully reached the target geostationary orbit with an apogee of 35,800 kilometers and was separated from the upper stage.

The telecommunication satellite Express-AM8 reached the target orbit at the estimated time. The launch can be considered successful, “a Roskosmos spokesman said.

“Express-AM8” is intended for data transmission, provision of TV and radio broadcasting services and telephony. The satellite weight is 2.1 tons, relaying of signals in C-, Ka- and L-bands is supported. The satellite will cover the European part of Russia, Europe, Africa, South America and the eastern coast of North America.

The expected lifetime of the spacecraft is 15 years.

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