There is something in tops and sleeveless shirts that spark in women a spark of passion. Especially in sexy and famous girls. Of course, ladies in expensive dresses and bathing suits are especially attractive, but shortened tops are something special. Many women are attracted in T-shirts comfort and ease, but the fact that they, moreover, can stunningly look in them, is just as important as for fans.

Putting on a T-shirt, they can bare their hands, emphasize the chest and, perhaps, even flaunt a seductive groove in the middle of the chest. For celebrities, the sock of this kind of blouses helps to avoid costly dresses, at the same time, such outfits shout to everyone from fashionable websites and glossy magazines: “Z Vezdy are the same as everyone “, which makes them closer to the common people.

T-shirts look even more advantageous on a hot star. All women are beautiful, but some of the stars are simply breathtakingly sexy when they just stroll down the street, even in such a simple accessory as a sleeveless shirt. In any case, the tops help to draw everyone’s attention to natural attractiveness. It’s not just favorites that also wear tops, but real movie stars, idols, actresses and singers, and even those who are at the end of their glory, but still holding on.

And although you can throw a windbreaker or jacket on top to hide from the wind, many of them prefer just a shirt for a more winning image. The top looks amazing on hot things, and the ladies are already beginning to seriously think about flaunting them more often. Here are the 15 hottest famous ladies who love to wear tops and show how spectacularly they look on their body. Also pay attention to the article 16 celebrities who look incredibly sexy in sporting leggings.


Taylor Swift
Ten years have passed since Swift gained fame, being a famous teenager singing heartfelt songs. Since then she has become one of the biggest stars in the world. Moving from the style of ” country ” to pure pop music, Swift’s albums won the first lines of hit charts, and tickets for concerts were sold at an enviable rate. While fans, mostly teenage girls who look at it as a role model, Swift has the same huge army of male fans who admire its dazzling beauty.

In public, Swift prefers the top and looks really fantastically magical with light curls and a pretty face, regardless of the angle at which it is photographed. Taylor cute combines gaiety and eccentricity, which are present in the performances, which is naturally related to her inner world. She conceals a passionate nature, and her tops fully prove this. Taylor can also be found in the top 20 most sexy Hollywood legs .


Breaking through with such a hit as Umbrella , Rihanna’s voice was appreciated, and the singer’s fantastic talent led to teamwork with the most famous people in the show business. Tickets for concerts quickly disappear, clips are always in the charts, and on the covers of fashion magazines shines its amazing body. Pay attention to the article 10 of the most beautiful and sexy stars to 30 years old , which includes Rihanna.

She even tested herself in acting, starring in such films as ” Sea Battle ” and in the forthcoming ” Eight Ocean Girlfriends “, revealing her talent in the cinema. True, Rihanna had hard times (her notorious relationship with Chris Brown), but she coped with it without losing an ounce of her sexual attraction.

The star does not puzzle over what clothes to wear, but prefers a youth jersey, a brilliant dress. The dark skin adds a nice exotic fire to the outfits, so even when she’s in regular sports and training, Rihanna looks amazing. And this is because she is in amazing shape, her legs and hips are always in a tone, which leads fans to delight. Mischievous singer Rihanna makes a jersey squeak of fashion.


Megan Fox
She became more famous for her appearance than her acting talent, but I think that most fans will fully agree with this. She introduced herself to the world when she played a role in the first film Transformers , dressed in a T-shirt and denim shorts, which made her a total super-star. Dark hair, gorgeous looks and sensual lips, she was compared to the young Angelina Jolie, only a hotter version in street clothes. Do not forget to read the article 10 interesting facts about Megan Fox .

She managed to use her appearance to play beauties in such films as ” The Body of Jennifer ” and the remakes of “The Ninja Turtles “. What is most interesting, her brain is in place. Despite the fact that basically she has a type of ” hot little thing “, she can easily give a turn to the big directors who had sexist inclinations, including showing the middle finger to a director like Michael Bay.

Now that she is a little older, Megan is completely immersed in motherhood and does not hunt for the roles of beauties, as in the old days. Nevertheless, passing Megan in a tight top pleases the paparazzi, and Fox looks amazing in them. All the foxes and cunning of her fox are proved by her speaking surname.


Keily Kuoko
From an early age, Cuoco was notable for her attractive appearance and lush blond hair. She began her career as a ” ditzy “, a socially obsessed teenager in the sitcom ” 8 Simple Rules “, without hiding her comical nature. She also had the opportunity to appear on the screen in hot outfits, like a rising witch in the Charmed .

Since 2005, her face has flashed on TV, as Penny in the frenzied ” The Big Bang Theory ” series, giving fans the hope of seeing her at least once a week. Firstly, as the only girl in the series, she had the opportunity to wear a lot of sexy clothes, and the top often went into a suit on the show, which had a significant effect on the botanists-neighbors.

Kuoko wears the same thing in real life, staying in great shape, she’s amazingly coming out on paparazzi photos. Kaylie loves to dress up, but also looks great in a sports suit. With a beautiful bust and solar make-up, it remains a pretty hot thing. Shooting in the show or simply inspecting the districts, Kuoko shows that the top can be approached at any time.


Vanessa Hudgens
Hudgens excelled in the ” High School Musical “, the Disney Channel film , which turned into a real phenomenon. Despite the role of ” good girl “, we must admit that she looked nothing in the movie effectively, thanks to a slim figure and dark hair. Over the past few years, Hudgens has dramatically changed the image through the films ” Prohibited Reception ” and ” Otvyaznye vacation ” to show their hot side.

She also enjoys success on Broadway in a show like Gigi and plays Rizzo on Grease Live among other celebrities. In her own words, Hudgens, tops and T-shirts are her everyday outfit, and even such modest clothes look incredibly rich. Putting on her dark glasses, she looks even hotter with funny black hair. Hudgens can continue to show off an amazing singing voice, but her body just as effectively makes her look up at her.


Selena Gomez
The stars of Disney Channel have a tendency to grow into indescribably attractive stars. Gomez, of course, this proves. She flared up in the role of the wicked witch Alex from The Wizards of Waverlylleys , as well as in other smaller films. As soon as the show was over, Gomez moved on, starring in a more adult film, like ” Otvyaznye vacation ” and performing with songs on tours.

She showed herself on the rather hot side with her sultry style and amazing abilities on stage, glowing in tight suits. Gomez had some problems on the personal front (due to which she fell into depression), but coming out of the blues, she again pleased the eye with her healthy appearance. A sleeveless shirt is a permanent part of her outfits, and Selena also likes to wear sunglasses when she goes shopping or gets into the gym, making people around her barely drool.

The popularity of the star grows more and more each time, (including rumors of a relationship with Justin Bieber) Gomez can catch the camera’s eye, especially when it’s a seductive top. She is hot on her own, but Selena definitely bewitched her top, because he just attracts the eye! Also Selena is included in the rating of 12 celebrities, who should become bikini models .


Britney Spears
She has had ups and downs for many years, but just try to remember the time when Spears was the hottest pop star on the planet in 1999. She maintained the status of hot and sexy babe, and when it was time to move into a new, adult image, unfortunately, there was a hard fall, accompanied by crazy antics such as a completely shaved head and the rout of the car umbrella.

Fortunately, Britney returned to the stage, regularly touring, recording new albums, and swinging in Las Vegas. Despite past successes and failures, there is still a smoldering sexuality that comes from her outfits . Often seen on jogging and just shopping, Spears has a weakness for tops that look great on her. Some commentators defeated her image, calling it a ” traveler’s style on the trailer, ” but when Spears puts on a top, he looks flawless. Her image has changed slightly since she became a mother, but in many ways, Britney remains that sexy girl who shocked millions of fans and won millions of hearts.


Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence is an interesting girl. She says she hates these Hollywood games, attempts to carefully avoid the usual studio staff and all that. However, she is one of the biggest stars with two blockbuster franchises and Oscar at her 26th birthday. She is included in the rating of the 15 most beautiful Oscar winners . Beautiful blonde, but firmly standing on the ground, she is always frank in the interview and looks great in all outfits.

Lawrence received a lot of publicity on the Internet, thanks to the infamous hacking crack in 2014, which spread photos of nude Jennifer to the network. But, despite the revelations revealed, Lawrence remained as strong as her heroines, and treated humor all the way. The approach to clothing helps her to look like a luxurious woman who can knock out everyone with just one kind of red carpet, and also look great in simple, sweet things.

No sleeveless – habitual clothes for Lawrence, as well as her characters, she must keep in good shape, and she gets to do it stylishly. Usually, she does not care what others think about her, which makes Jen even more sexy. Lawrence is a fantastic star and actress and looks in a nice shirt much more attractive than in any elegant dress.


Kendall Jenner
The youngest of the Kardashian clan certainly rises to the top of the sexiest ladies. Of course, Kim is the queen and the main secular lioness Kardashian, and Chloe and Courtney are hot in their own way, but Kendall is a breath of fresh air. She is not like her brothers and sisters and has her own unique attraction, which leads many admirers into wild delight. She brilliantly uses the media to her advantage, being still so young, as a result of which predatory crowds of people simply long to see and comment on her photos.

The fact that she has not yet acquired a family and is still free, retains a slender and beautiful figure that pleases the audience of adorers and at the same time improves the future prospects of the model’s career. In addition, despite the fact that she does not have the same mouth-watering forms as Kim, she does what any intelligent woman does-use fashion in her favor. In this case, a fashionable truncated top is the means to keep the world in a good mood. Pay attention to 18 hot photos of Kardashian / Jenner in a bikini.


Jessica Alba
Alba first gained fame, appearing in a tight leather suit for the TV series “The Dark Angel ” back in 2000. Since then, she has shown herself in many sexual roles in ” Sin City”, “Fantastic Four ” and many others. But Alba is much more intelligent than many people think. « Of The of Honest Company About enterprise | » is a huge success, which made her a certified multi-millionaire, giving more money than she had ever seen.

Alba also acts as a wife and mother, and even inclines to engage in charity, rather than playing colorful roles. However, when Jessica comes out, she still stuns the body, instantly reminding the world of how amazing Alba was in her young years. These plump lips and smooth hair add something special to Alba’s outfits, in which she looks great and stays on top of beauty. She may be a business woman, but Jessica Alba looks amazing in these tops, a real sexy angel!


Miley Cyrus
Few stars have changed so much in such a short time as Miley Cyrus. She became famous, as Hannah Montana, a pretty girl, dreaming of becoming a rock star. She was pretty, funny, talented, in short, the perfect Disney Channel star . Miley even traveled on tours, earning millions every year.

There was a slight scandal when, at the age of 15, she appeared in the Vanity Fair magazine, bare shoulders. It’s pretty funny, considering that as soon as the show ended, Cyrus showed a real hell, compared to that. Wild outfits and antics were not ignored, Miley made some nude photoshoots for magazines and put more on the Internet.

In public, she wears tight blouses and looks fantastic in them. Miley Cyrus definitely does not differ shyness. Her inner world bursts out when the front door opens. It’s just a morning run or meeting in another wild scandal involving the press, Cyrus proves that she is a show-stopper in every way. Cyrus is included in the rating of 15 celebrities who are not afraid to get naked .


Hillary Duff
Lizzie McGuire definitely grew up. Duff became known as the Disney Channel star , becoming the clear winner, thanks to the blond hair and the image of a beautiful neighbor. This image served her well in the movies before settling down with motherhood. Today, Duff has returned to the spotlight, thanks to the popular TV show ” Younger ” and the journeys between Los Angeles and New York. In any city, it can often be seen in a white T-shirt, which looks amazing on it.

Her body has acquired beautiful shapes that adorn blond locks and a smile of a thousand watts that can illuminate any room. She does not sport a leather jacket, but Duff can turn an image into a rock star, just wearing jeans and a T-shirt. Starting with the career of the little girl of the star, and ending with the TV actress, Duff rightfully looks on the streets is amazing and shows how beautiful she grew in many ways.


Ariel Winter
Winter’s growth was truly amazing. At the beginning of the ” American Family ” season , her character Alex was a true botanist in glasses who constantly wears a sweater and remains in the shadow of a more attractive sister (Sarah Highland). Nevertheless, the body of Winter is much better developed … than the ” sister “. She had to undergo an operation to reduce breasts during adolescence, but what more shows the world that she grew up is that she quarreled with her mother, accusing her of abuse of rights, and eventually declared herself independent.

Although the show continues to try to push the image of Alex as a ” botanist, ” it’s impossible to deny the heat coming out personally from Winter, especially when she does not hesitate to post her naughty selfies, change her hair color and walk around tightly fitting T-shirts and pants. Watching the straps fall to the broad chest during a walk is enough to drive any person crazy. Try not to look at it.


Jennifer Aniston
She is 47 years old, but it seems that Aniston has barely changed at the age of ” Friends “, which is amazing. In any case, she looks even sexier than before with long hair framing her face, with a turned up nose, and a body that is still in phenomenal shape. Since the 1990s, the actress has made the socks of the T-shirts a squeak of fashion and always looked great in them.

Of course, she also likes wearing bikinis, designer dresses, and much more, but Aniston in a tight top remains very hot. The wardrobe of the star adds to the appeal and helps to remain incredibly popular even 20 years after the first success. Aniston in the movies, on the red carpet or on a walk in a simple top reminds us all why she remains one of our favorite ” friends “, despite so many years past. Perhaps you are interested in the article 15 of the hottest shots of the actresses of the series “Friends . 


Bella Thorne
Asterisk Disney Channel every day is becoming more popular and popular. With a fiery red hairstyle (which she likes to change from time to time) and a gorgeous body, Thorn became a favorite for Instagram users . She likes to do selfie in the gym to show slim legs in tight trousers for yoga, and it seems like she has an infinite collection of tops that she likes to wear outdoors.

On a run, from the gym, or just on the way out, Thorn is able to make any top amazingly hot by just wearing it. Plus, its beauty is crowned with curvy red curls, which, of course, only decorates the girl. Her rising star will flash even brighter with the future series ” Lovers and the famous .” Thorne became an online idol, thanks to colorful photos, and most likely she is ready for something more. Red girls are automatically considered sexier, but Thorn stands out even more, while the top is an inseparable part of the wardrobe.

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