Eyes are the most attractive feature of any woman. Eyes are the first thing we notice when we see a new face. A lot of cheap phrases for the pickup truck were written about beautiful eyes. Female eyes are like a deep ocean with countless emotions and feelings stored in it. Attractive female eyes can hypnotize any man and make him fall in love with a woman. The color, size and shape of the eyes can make a woman beautiful and beautiful.

Few female celebrities around the world have so beautiful eyes that it will be difficult not to notice them. Sometimes, the eyes are the reason that the actress looks completely differently on the screen. Of the hundreds of beautiful faces in the entertainment industry, we chose the top 10 female celebrities with the most beautiful eyes in the world. Let’s look at these famous women.


Penelope Cruz
There is nothing more beautiful than the dreamy eyes of a Spanish woman, but what could be better if she is one of the most beautiful famous women in the world? Penelope’s eyes Cruz is a natural brown color, but it is their shape that makes these eyes so romantic and simply beautiful. The Spanish goddess is the embodiment of sexuality, and her beautiful eyes only add beauty to her.


Milla Jovovich
The American actress and model can have any amount of merit, but we think it’s worth mentioning that Milla Jovovich has the sexiest eyes that a woman can only dream about. The light blue eyes of Mila are enough to kill any man on this planet. The excellent shape of the eyes on the pretty face makes it one of the most beautiful eyes in the world.


Charlize Theron
Green eyes Charlize Theron, one of Hollywood’s most beautiful actresses of all time, can steal your heart. Thanks to her beautiful seductive eyes, the men immediately fall in love with this adorable actress. Glittering eyes increase the sexual attractiveness of a beautiful woman. Despite the fact that Theron is getting older, the admirers of her eyes are only added. Her eyes are like good wine: the older, the more beautiful.


Scarlett Johansson
The sexiest actress in Hollywood is a natural brunette, and her green eyes only emphasize her beauty. Scarlett Johansson is also known as the most seductive actress of Hollywood, and her brooding eyes play an important role in creating the image. Usually she experiments with her looks on the screen, and sometimes uses contact lenses, but the natural color of her green eyes is the most beautiful of all the shades she has ever tasted.


Candice Swanepoel
South African supermodel is also a hot thing. The biggest trump card in Candice Swanepole’s attractiveness and seductiveness are her blue eyes. Along with superb facial features and figures, her dreamy blue eyes can win in a battle with any woman in the world, if it’s about beauty and sexuality. Quite frankly, the sexuality of this model can not be described in words.


Kristen Stewart
Although Kristen Stewart is always at the bottom of the list, when it comes to her acting skills or a person without emotions, this American actress has something for which any man in the world is ready to die. She is the owner of one of the most beautiful eyes in the world. Kymen’s smoky eyes are the most notable feature of this cute actress. Although the natural color of her eyes is green, she had to wear various colored lenses for her super-hit, the movie “Twilight.”


Elizabeth Taylor
Not only young celebrities can boast the most beautiful eyes in the world. The famous Anglo-American actress Elizabeth Taylor, who died a few years ago, was just famous for her beautiful blue eyes. Every man who met this talented actress admired the eyes of a beautiful woman. Although her eyes were blue, sometimes they appeared violet notes due to the natural shade of the skin and hair. She was also named the woman with the most coveted eyes in the world.


Angelina Jolie
The famous actress, so long considered the sexiest in Hollywood, the most dreamy and sensual eyes. If it was required for the role, Angelina Jolie experimented with contact lenses of different colors on the screen. Her romantic and seductive eyes still can make any man “drool”.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
The most beautiful actress of Bollywood of all time, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, beautiful light blue eyes. They are big, lovely, perfect shape. The eyes of Aishwarya are so famous that a famous musician from Great Britain dedicated a song to them. Well, we consider this sufficient to prove that this beautiful woman has the most beautiful eyes in the world.


Alexandra Daddario
It’s time to get acquainted with a woman with the most beautiful eyes in the world. She is no different, like Alexander Daddario. The big blue eyes of Daddario – you’ve never seen anything like it in your life. Her eyes are rather unusual and yet sexy. The hue of her skin and eye color make up one of the most ideal combinations in the world and quite a bit different from other Hollywood actresses.

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